Create a Kid Friendly Halloween Obstacle Course

Haunted House Obstacle Course for School or Home

Halloween Obstacle Course – Children love obstacle courses, so why not create one in your own backyard  or school gym this Halloween? Come up with several ideas, such as bales of hale they can jump over, a ring of ghosts they need to jump through, tubes they can crawl through, a balance beam with a hanging ghost, a wooden ladder placed on the ground to step over, crab walk, and/or a rope swing.


Next, make a map of the obstacle course for each child complete with a numbered sequenced order of the events, marked by arrows, so each contestant understands the order of the game. When you are ready to play the game, have the children divide up into two teams at opposite ends. Have each child start at the beginning line and send them through one at a time. The first team to finish is the winner.


Toxic Waste FoggerPlay best two out of three, or three out of five depending on the skill level of the children. When done, give both teams a Halloween goody bag as their trophy for doing such a great Halloween Mossjob. Fill them with some small  mementos like Halloween toys and stickers.

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