Halloween Party Favors and Toys

Halloween Favors for Trick or Treat

Halloween Party FavorsFrom Stretchy Spiders to Skull Rings, We’ve Got  Halloween Party Favors Covered!

If you are giving a party this Halloween, it is a nice idea to send the kids home with a goodie bag. Since your will already be getting a lot of candy, why not fill those bags with Halloween Party Favors and themed bags. Find all kinds of spooky, inexpensive toys from the items below and choose themed treat bags or simple orange or black bag. These special treats  put the perfect finishing touch on your horrifying fun Halloween get-together. Giving out these little favors show that you are a thoughtful hostess, and you will even find some items that can be used as a hostess gift if you are the guest at the Halloween party.

If you’re planning a birthday party during this holiday season, the at  Black Mini-Gumball machines. Tie an orange ribbon around each and you have a perfect take home party favor! Halloween Favors are a great way to send home your guest with a smiley face.

Here is what our Partner Store, Beau-Coup Party Favors,   says:Black Gumball Machine

Each mini gum ball  machine measures 5′ in height and holds about 30 gum balls. Blue and red machines include multicolored gum balls; pink, white, and black machines hold white gum balls.
Personalize these unique mini gum ball  machines by hanging personalized hanging gift tags around the middle or tying a bow with personalized ribbon. For a creative wedding reception idea, tie place cards to each favor and have guests pick them up on their way in.

Halloween Kidz Tip: Some small toys used as Halloween Party Favors many not be suitable for children under three.

You can choose from fun and inexpensive little novelties or more upscale gifts for Halloween, depending on your needs. Whether you are having a Halloween Birthday Party, Halloween School Party or just like to give out toys instead of candy for trick or treat, you’ll love the wide choice of Halloween Party Favors.

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